Welcome to the Think Tank – the blog of Engineering Camp Charlotte!

If you are new to the ECC family – welcome! If you have been with us for some time – welcome back!

Our parent company, Cynosure Learning, was established in 2014 with the goal of bringing a new type of engineering education experience to Charlotte. A focus was placed on the skills that students sometimes miss in school, yet are necessary for becoming a successful engineer: collaboration, communication, creativity, optimism, systems thinking, and ethical consideration. We believe that simple materials can pack a big punch and that there is endless learning and fun to be had through a failed design. We believe that engineers do more than just build things – they solve problems and help people. We believe that engineers have played a hand in nearly every aspect of our lives and we want our students to see just how far reaching and diverse the field of engineering is.

Since our establishment we have welcomed over 1500 students into our summer camps.

Be sure to check back in each week as we post engineering activities you can do at home, profiles on real life engineers, descriptions about the different types of engineering, and take a peek at current, real life problems that engineers are solving all over the world!

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