What a fantastic [week] we have had. My kids look forward to engineering camp for months prior to the actual week… so, thank you for the gift of anticipation AND action!  [My son] has been head deep and engaged in a way that you guys understand far too well. – 2017 Participant

Thank you for your passion and commitment to the success of this camp for our children. [My child] had a wonderful week of learning and exploration. We thought their presentations were fantastic and hit so many points- challenge, teamwork, public speaking, and being inspired in this field. Your warmth and excitement comes off each family day as if we were the first and last group you had.which from a customer service perspective is the ultimate goal. Job well done to your team! – 2018 Participant

Just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful week.  [My child] is ready to sign up for next year.  You cannot put a price on that kind of enthusiasm and excitement.  Thank you for providing such a fun learning experience. – 2016 Participant

I wanted to drop by and say thank you for providing such a great engineering camp for the children this summer. My son absolutely loved the camp. He acquired skills that he can use on projects he is working on in the near future; as well as, share information with other students who are interested in engineering. – 2018 Participant 


My son had a great time at camp this week! So fun to see your child so excited! He already said he wants to do it again. – 2018 Participant

My nine year old son attended the Engineering Camp last week…I was able to come to the final presentations on Friday, and had a lovely time. Each day, he came home excited about the day’s projects, the friends he made, and he couldn’t wait to return each day. This week was a test to see if he really enjoyed the engineering aspect of science, and I can say unequivocally that he does!! Thank you all so much for providing him with such an enriching experience, and he cannot wait to return next year!!!  – 2018 Participant


What a great exhibition and camp! I am impressed with all the things the kids made and how much fun they had doing it. – 2017 Participant

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