Build a rocket that can be launched by blowing into a single straw. The straw cannot be part of the rocket itself – it is only used to propel the rocket. You may use only the items in your bag (plus tape and scissors). Be sure to spend time on each step of the engineering design process – good luck!

Materials: construction paper, computer paper, coffee filter, paper plate, item from recycling bin, tape

Tools: scissors, ruler, straw

ASK: What information do you need in order to solve the problem? What questions do you have so that you can be successful?

IMAGINE: What ideas do you have for creating a straw rocket? What is your best idea?

PLAN: Sketch out and label your plan on paper.

CREATE & TEST: Create and test your design. Test your design by launching your rocket against the wall, your desk, the back of your chair…

IMPROVE & RETEST: Take a moment to pause. What is going right? What is going wrong? What steps do you need to take next?

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