Time to hear from another past ECC staff member! Sean was a part of our summer 2020 team and worked with both high school and middle school programs. Sean currently attends the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and is majoring in electrical engineering. He expects to graduate within the next year.

What I wish I knew before college: “The biggest thing I wish I knew before attending college is that you cannot do it on your own when you are studying engineering and it is okay to seek out help.”

Important skills I learned in college: “I have learned more than I can count while in college the biggest things are time management and professional development.”

What do I want to work on after college? “When I graduate I want to go into clean energy hopefully solar energy or hydroelectricity.”

Why engineering? “I chose to study engineering because I know the impact and change that an engineer can make on the world. Last but not least do not give up easily engineering may be difficult but it is one of the most rewarding things you can do in life.”

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