You are tired of picking things up the regular way! Picking something up with your hands and placing it back on a table when it falls? Boring! Let’s think like an engineer to solve this problem in a fun way. Create a lifting system which can carry a small load from the floor to the top of a table. This can be your desk, dining table, kitchen table, kitchen counter – your choice! The load can be a small snack, pencils, a pet’s toy, shoe – whatever seems like a fun challenge! Be sure to go through all of the steps of the Engineering Design Process on your way – good luck!

Materials: scrap cardboard, craft sticks, string, paper tubes, bowls, cups, cardstock, scrap wood, scrap bin item, tape

Tools: scissors

Measure of Success: successful (not dropping or damaging) lift of load from floor to table

ASK: What is the problem you are trying to address? What are the constraints? What information do you need in order to solve the problem?

IMAGINE: What ideas do you have for creating your lift system? What is your best idea?

PLAN: Diagram your design ideas. How are you using your materials?

CREATE & TEST: Create your lift and test your design. Was it successful? Why or why not? What worked with your design? What could you do to make the lift better?

IMPROVE & TEST: Did the improvements you made make your design better or worse?

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