“Why did you choose this material to use in your building design?”

“What interests you about this challenge?”

“If you had more time, what things would you consider changing or enhancing?”

Children learn best through their own discovery. Our program will give them the background and the tools to “connect their own dots.”

In our lab areas, the team leaders do NOT act like “The Sage on the Stage” — that is, someone who is there to fill them with engineering information. Instead, our team leaders act more like “The Guide on the Side” — a role model who sits alongside a camper to discuss his or her work, review progress, and suggest next steps. Having adults who act as a “Guide on the Side” gives campers the chance to practice, refine and reflect upon all that they can do.


“How’s it going, team?”

“Is everyone’s voice being heard as you imagine what your build could look like?”

“Have you guys talked about how size and weight may impact your model?”

We believe that it is critical for children to learn about teamwork early in their academic careers. Engineering Camp Charlotte helps children learn how to communicate better with one another. After all, the brilliant minds of tomorrow also need “soft skills” to get the job done right!

“What did I like in yesterday’s activity?”

“I really liked working with chemistry but electrical circuits weren’t my favorite activity.”

“I liked it when the rocket went farther because I added a fin!”

We believe it is critical for children to develop an ability to identify their likes and dislikes as they relate to any academic subject matter. Each day, the children will be asked to reflect in their Activity Journal on what concepts interested them the most and why. The objective of the activity is to encourage the children to reflect upon their thinking.


It’s Topsy-Turvy Time at Engineering Camp Charlotte!  Now’s the time when the campers act as the instructors for all to see.  Campers will have fun showing off their new engineering masterpieces as they do things like point out the constraints and identify the useful engineering materials in their various Engineering Challenges.

Mark your calendars for Friday afternoon — you definitely won’t want to miss this!

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