Time to hear from another past ECC staff member! Joshua, a 2019 coach, is currently enrolled in the mechanical engineering program at North Carolina State University. He will be graduating in May 2022

What I wish I knew before college: “I wish I knew how to actually study and manage my time.”

Important skills I learned in college: “The ability to form connections and make friends has saved me so many times. Whether it’s hearing about co-op opportunities or being reminded of an upcoming due date, friends have your back.”

What do I want to work on after college? “I would really like to work in motorsports, ideally for a Formula 1 Team. Did you know the only F1 team based in North America is right here in Salisbury?” That is so cool!

Why engineering? I have always been infatuated with how the man-made world works. Growing up I read about planes and cars and got more and more fascinated the deeper I dug into the inner workings of engines and the like.”

One last thought: “Get some hands-on experience! It’s one thing to graduate with a 4.0 and another to actually know what you’re doing on the job. Explore co-ops and internships and don’t be afraid of the career fair and your school’s Career Development Center!”

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