Time to hear from another past ECC staff member! Griffin, a past ECC coach, graduated from North Carolina State University in the spring of 2020.

What I wish I knew before college: “I wish that I knew as deeply as I do now, that failure is necessary for success. And that if you have an idea or goal you want to accomplish, it is better to dive in head first and experience failure, so that you can learn from it and find value in those lessons.”

Important skills I learned in college: “I learned that I was capable of leading others, and that I was capable of acting as an empathetic and passionate role model. Although there were bumps along the way, I graduated with a love of materials science engineering and a degree from NC State”

What are you working on now that you are out of college? “Before graduation, I committed to a fellowship called Venture For America (VFA), that supports and mentors its fellows as they work at startups throughout the United States. Through VFA I discovered Point Designs, a company that manufactures 3D printed prosthetic fingers for individuals with partial hand loss. At Point Designs, my primary role is as a business development specialist, where I do everything from marketing and sales to project management.”

Why engineering? “I wanted to study engineering because I absolutely love to help people and to build things. I’m fascinated by technology and the fundamental building blocks of materials that yield an infinite amount of function. Because of that, and because of the impacts that engineers have on our society, I decided that it was the best path for me to have the greatest impact.”

One last thought: “I know this sounds cheesy, but follow your dreams and be unapologetically you. It is your unique traits that make you who you are, and that make you a valuable team member. And don’t wait for others to do what you know you’re capable of; forge your own path.”

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