Where is your program located?

We are located in McEwen Hall at Queens University of Charlotte. Queens is located at 1900 Selwyn Avenue Charlotte NC 28207.

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When & where does carpool run?

Morning carpool runs from 8:30-9am Monday through Friday.  
Afternoon carpool runs from 3:30-4pm Monday through Friday.

Carpool is located in Burwell Circle in front of McEwen Hall off of Selwyn Avenue.  We are heavily staffed during carpool to ensure that campers arrive safely.

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I need to pick my camper up early/drop my camper off late. What is the procedure for this?

Please email jennifer@cynosurelearning.com  or call our program at 980-500-9345. We will be sure to have a staff member in the carpool circle ready with your child if it is a pick up, or ready to receive your child if it is a drop off.

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Do you have before or after care for my camper?

We do not have before or after care for our campers.  

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What is included in the “optional dining add on”?

(Note: Dining hall information subject to change based on COVID precautions in place from Queens University.) Campers who have purchased the dining add on will eat from the cafeteria at Queens University.  It is an “all you care to enjoy” style cafeteria with a salad bar, pizza options, hot foods, desserts, and drinks.

We all eat together in the same dining room whether campers have chosen to purchase dining or bring their own lunch.

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May I sign up for dining at a later time?

Yes!  You may sign up for dining at any time.  Please email Jennifer at jennifer@cynosurelearning.com if you need a dining link.  Please note that dining is only able to be purchased for the entire week, not by the day.

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May I request a particular team for my child?

*Note: Due to COVID we will be honoring group requests for our 2021 summer camp programs.* We do not accommodate team requests – we follow NC State’s lead on this.  One of our main goals of camp is for campers to learn the engineering habits of mind – two of which are communication and collaboration.  Working with others is a very important piece of learning these two skills.  

Campers have many times throughout the day where they can see their friends from other teams.  Morning/afternoon meetings, lunch, and recess are all times throughout the day where campers can sit with whoever they would like.

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What are teams?

Campers are divided into color teams.  Each team has a maximum of 12 campers who are led by a coach.  All coaches are thoroughly trained by our partnering location leaders at North Carolina State University.  When completing engineering design activities, campers are divided up into smaller teams of 2 – 3 campers. Teams are arranged so that there are a variety of schools and returning campers/new campers.

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Are these the same activities as last year?

Nope! Activities change EVERY YEAR.

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What is your refund policy?

We understand that registering for camp many months in advance can be tricky, and that last minute conflicts come up.  We try to be as accommodating as possible with our refund policy. Our policy is based on when we must order supplies – many of which are specific to each student.  We thank you in advance for your understanding and patience.

A full refund will be made available up through May 31st.  Between June 1st and June 15th a 50% refund of tuition is available.  There can be no refunds after June 15th – no exceptions.

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