Welcome, parents and families!

Our goal is to help children along their engineering education path – whether that be at our camps or at home! Many of these activities are the same as those you will find in our “ECC in school page” – but are modified for success at home. You will notice that these activities do not have a specific materials list. We encourage your family to use whatever items that you may have an excess of or materials that were already headed to the recycling bin.

Each activity, what we call an “engineering design challenge”, will require children to work through the Engineering Design process. Using the Engineering Habits of Mind will also help students succeed on these activities. You can find graphics for both of these below the activity links.

Want more? We will continue to add new design challenges – so be sure to check back! We also post on engineering disciplines, real life engineering problems, profiles of engineers, and more on our blog.

LANDFILL IN A BOX design a prototype of a new landfill system to benefit Charlotte

NEIGHBORHOOD PLAYGROUND CONSTRUCTION create a prototype of a playground for your neighborhood that can be built using recyclable materials

PUFF CATAPULTS create a launcher which tosses a puff ball across your room

PUFF MOBILES create a wind powered vehicle

ROOFTOP POOL PARADISE create a standing structure which can hold a cup of water on top without falling

RUBE GOLDBERG CONFETTI DROP learn what a Rube Goldberg machine is while having a fun confetti drop ending

SAVE YOUR SOUP create a flotation device for a can of soup so it won’t sink in water

STRAW ROCKETS use the power of air to launch a rocket of the end of a straw

THE AMAZEING HEX BUG create a maze for a fun little wiggly bug called a hex bug

Note: This is the only activity listed which requires a material which might have to be purchased. “Hex bugs” can be found on Amazon in packs of 5 for about $20.

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