This is a two part, two-for-one challenge!

Part One: Create a launching system for cotton balls. Your goal is to launch as many cotton balls as far as you can.

Part Two: Now that you have made a mess, create a collection system to collect as many cotton balls as possible. Your collection system must have at least one mechanical component in it (one part that moves during the collection process). You cannot touch the cotton balls with your hands when you are collecting them.

How can you make this even more fun?! Make it into a competition!! Grab someone else in your house and go head to head – see who can launch the most cotton balls the furthest and who can clean them up fastest!

Materials: assorted cardboard, paper tubes, foam tube, recyclable material, craft sticks, cups, bowls, plastic forks, plastic spoons, cardstock, string, tape (feel free to grab other materials from around your home that you think would work well for this challenge!)

Tools: scissors, ruler

Measure of Success: successful launching of cotton balls, successful collection of cotton balls

ASK: What is the problem you are trying to address? What are the constraints? What information do you need in order to solve the problem?

IMAGINE: What ideas do you have for creating your launching and collecting system? What is your best idea?

PLAN: Diagram your design ideas. How are you using your materials?

CREATE and TEST: Create your system and test your design. Was it successful? Why or why not? What worked with your design? What could you do to make the system better?

IMPROVE and TEST: Did the improvements you made make your design better or worse?

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