We love to keep in touch with our past staff and see how their engineering journeys are going! Today we are hearing from Allison, a past coach who worked with our General Engineering for High School camps. She graduates in 2023 from North Carolina State University. Here is what she had to say:

What I wish I knew before college: “I wish I had known how flexible choosing classes and creating your own schedule would be. It’s such a change from high school where there is very little free time during the day. In college, you can build your schedule to fit your learning needs.”

Important skills learned in college: “I am learning a lot about independence which, in turn, is teaching me a lot about myself. Problem solving skills is my number one takeaway from this newfound independence.”

What do I want to work on after college? “I would like to work in software development. I am minoring in Environmental Science and would ideally like to combine my passion for coding with my love for nature. Right now, the company I am most interested in working for is SAS.” Why engineering? “I wanted to study engineering/computer science because I love problem solving and the opportunities that come with this degree are endless.”

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