What do aerospace engineers do? Aerospace engineers design, build, maintain, and improve machines that fly like aircraft, spacecraft, and satellites. They can work in research, development, testing, maintenance, and the upgrade of new technologies. Problems that an aerospace engineer might address can include flight safety, fuel efficiency, operating costs, environmental impact, and investigating crashes and malfunctioning parts.

What does an aerospace engineering study? Aerospace engineers will take many courses in science, math, and technology. They will also take more concentrated courses covering topics like aerodynamics, avionics, propulsion, systems integration, stress and dynamics, thermodynamics, numerical and experimental methods, solid mechanics, structural mechanics, design optimization, flight dynamics and control, flight testing and analysis, and computer-aided design.

What type of job can an aerospace engineer have? Aerospace engineers can find jobs with manufacturing companies, the military, government research agencies, and training institutions. They do not work alone, but instead work closely with a team of other engineers which can include mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, chemical engineers, and material science engineers.

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Let’s hear more about aerospace engineering! Choose the first video if you want a quick overview. Choose the second video if you’d like to dive even deeper.

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