With springtime comes flowers! When there is not enough rain we need another way of watering the flowers in our gardens. Some homes have an irrigation system – a system of pipes underground that carry water from a source and then distribute it to specific places in a yard or garden.

Create a model of a fixed irrigation system that could transport water from its source (your home) to a destination (a garden). Your system should allow you to pour water into a starting point, carry the water 4’ away, and then deposit it at another location without leaking any in between. You will build your system above ground. Your goal is to have the same amount of water at the beginning (when you pour it in) as you do at the end.

Materials: assorted cardboard, paper tubes, foam tube, recyclable material, craft sticks, cups, bowls, aluminum foil, plastic bags, straws, other scrap material tape

Tools: scissors, ruler

Measure of Success: successful transport of water with minimal loss of water

ASK: What is the problem you are trying to address? What are the constraints? What information do you need in order to solve the problem?

IMAGINE: What ideas do you have for creating your water transport system? What is your best idea?

PLAN: Diagram your design ideas. How are you using your materials?

CREATE and TEST: Create your system and test your design. Was it successful? Why or why not? What worked with your design? What could you do to make the system?

IMPROVE and TEST: Did the improvements you made make your design better or worse?

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