Engineering Camp Charlotte
hosts a program for EVERYONE!

Introduction to Engineering for K – 2 (July 5-9; July 12-16; July 19-23 OR July 26-30) $295
Using fun activities in small and collaborative groups, campers will be introduced to what engineering is.  Activities focus around the Engineering Design Process and Engineering Habits of mind. All activities also anchor to a fun story.  

General Engineering for Elementary and Middle School (August 2-6) $395
Campers learn just how diverse the field of engineering is with a week of fun and exciting Engineering Design Challenges! Each summer brings new activities and new challenges.  Participants will use the Engineering Design Process and Engineering Habits of Mind to conquer challenges alongside their teammates.  Looking for a sample lesson? Check out our segment on WBTV! 

General Engineering for High School (July 5-9; July 12-16; July 19-23 OR July 26-30) $395
The 14 Grand Challenges of Engineering is our focus for the week!  Participants will complete activities related to the Grand Challenges while practicing the Engineering Design Process and Engineering Habits of Mind.  Campers are grouped with current NCSU engineering majors – allowing them to get the inside scoop on what it is like to study engineering at the college level.

 programs for Summer 2021!

Aerospace Engineering focus week (July 5-9) $395
Know someone who loves making things fly, float, or take off?  This year’s aerospace engineering week will bring you BRAND NEW activities – but don’t worry, rockets will still be involved!  Campers will learn what it takes to think like an aerospace engineer.   Click here to check out the fun we had in 2019! 

Civil Engineering focus week (July 12-16) $395
Does your camper love to build things? Join us for our civil engineering week where the focus is structures – how to build them bigger and better! We can see the work of civil engineers all around us – roads, bridges, buildings, canals, and even airports and sewage systems.  This week campers will step into the shoes of a civil engineer to propose and design ideas to solve problems.  

Electrical Engineering focus week (July 19-23) $395
A BRAND NEW program for 2021! Campers learn not only how to construct different circuits, but also how many problems can be solved using electrical engineering.  Motors, lights, buzzers, switches, and wires will fill their days while campers work in teams to solve problems rooted in electrical engineering. 

Mechanical Engineering focus week (July 26-30) $395
Whirling, twirling, opening, closing, moving up and down – if it moves we work on it this week! With a focus on machines, motors, and anything that moves, our mechanical engineering week will keep kids of all engineering levels engaged and having fun! 



Joins us Mondays (4-5:30) or Thursdays (5-6:30) for fun and exciting challenges designed perfectly for our students in K-8th grades.

Enrollment opens June 15th.

More exciting details coming soon.

All programs will take place at Queens University of Charlotte Athletic Campus.

Scientists study the world as it is; engineers create the world that has never been.

Theodore Von Kármán

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