Engineering Camp Charlotte
hosts a program for EVERYONE!

A Global Adventure – Mondays 11/1 – 12/13, 5:00-6:30 – grades K-2
Exploring our world is exciting! Read a fun story about a friend in a far off place – and learn how engineering really is everywhere! CLICK HERE TO ENROLL!

Natural Disaster Protection – Mondays 11/1 – 12/13, 5:00-6:30 – grades 3-5
Hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, mudslides – how do we protect our structures and ourselves from natural disasters? Learn how teams of engineers have designed ways to make our infrastructure stronger and our rescues faster. CLICK HERE TO ENROLL!

ENROLLING NOW for our November afterschool programs!

Engineering is Everywhere! – Thursdays 11/4 – 12/16, 5:00-6:30 – grades K-2
Fun stories about our friends who create, innovate, and problem solve! Design new ways of helping people and solving problems while learning about the many types of engineering. CLICK HERE TO ENROLL!

Let’s Engineer! – Thursdays 11/4 – 12/16, 5:00-6:30 – grades 3-5
BRAND NEW ACTIVITIES! No engineering discipline works alone – teams of engineers work together on nearly everything we encounter every single day.  A great way to experience the many disciplines of engineering and how they all connect. CLICK HERE TO ENROLL!

Join us for our SUMMER CAMPS!

INTRODUCTION TO ENGINEERING — June 27-July 1; July 11-15; July 18-22; and/or July 25-29 — gr K-2 Campers will be introduced to what an engineer does and the many different problems engineers solve! Each activity begins with a story then campers solve a problem that the main character has using the Engineering Design Process and Engineering Habits of Mind.  ENROLLMENT OPENS DECEMBER 1ST

TEST FLIGHT — June 27-July 1 — gr 3-5; gr 6-8 A multitude of engineering disciplines go into making things fly, both within our atmosphere and beyond. Campers will use the Engineering Design Process to solve problems from rocket launches to wind power to aerodynamics and more! ENROLLMENT OPENS DECEMBER 1ST 

URBAN INFRASTRUCTURE CHALLENGE — July 11-15 — gr 3-5; gr 6-8 How do civil engineers create structures – buildings, roads, bridges, and more – to help our society function? Campers dive into the job of a civil engineer this week!  Each day campers will complete activities related to civil engineering and see how it connects to other disciplines.  If your child likes to build with anything they can get their hands on – then this week is for them! ENROLLMENT OPENS DECEMBER 1ST

ENGINEERING ON THE SPEEDWAY — July 18-22 — gr 3-5; gr 6-8 Cars are more than just four wheels and a motor! Many types of engineers work on making cars more efficient, faster, and safer than ever before.  This week campers work on engineering challenges related to anything that moves on a road. They will focus on solving problems that not only are addressed by engineers now, but are going to be a focus in the future, too! ENROLLMENT OPENS DECEMBER 1ST


MECHANICAL MAYHEM — July 25-29 — gr 3-5; gr 6-8 Mechanical engineering is the focus during a week filled with motors, machines, and anything that moves. Campers will use the Engineering Design Process and Engineering Habits of Mind to address challenges related to mechanical engineering, as well as the disciplines that work closely with mechanical engineers the field.  ENROLLMENT OPENS DECEMBER 1ST 

ENGINEERING IS EVERYWHERE — August 1-5 — gr 3-5; gr 6-8  Engineering is a wider reaching field than many think.  Campers will spend the week learning about all of the different types of engineers and explore how engineers solve problems and help people.  Kids will focus on using the Engineering Design Process and Engineering Habits of Mind and will be thinking like an engineer by the end of the week! ENROLLMENT OPENS DECEMBER 1ST

THE GRAND CHALLENGES – June 27-July 1; July 11-15; July 18-22; and/or July 25-29 — gr 3-5; gr 6-8 The ’14 Grand Challenges of Engineering’ is a focused collection of the greatest challenges humanity currently faces.  Campers will spend the week learning more about these challenges, learning about the engineering disciplines which are working to tackle these challenges, and begin to propose solutions of their own. ENROLLMENT OPENS DECEMBER 1ST  



Joins us Mondays (4-5:30) or Thursdays (5-6:30) for fun and exciting challenges designed perfectly for our students in K-5th grades.

Enrollment opens June 15th.

All programs will take place at Queens University of Charlotte Athletic Campus.

Scientists study the world as it is; engineers create the world that has never been.

Theodore Von Kármán

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